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7 tips for good oral health

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If you want your teeth to maintain the best possible appearance, you must do so. In addition to an aesthetic smile, you will gain in oral health. How to achieve it? Pay attention to the following habits!.

Dentist Giving Good Oral Health Tips to Patient

1. Maintain effective oral hygiene

Daily dental cleaning is a great ally to take care of your oral health and prevent problems in the oral cavity. For this ritual to be efficient, you must repeat it a minimum of three times a day, after the main meals, and perform it accurately.

Do you want to know how you should brush your teeth? It is necessary to carry out a delicate brushing and that you reach all the dental pieces. In addition, you must clean the gingival area and the tongue. Thus, you will prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

When choosing a suitable toothbrush, you should look at the hardness. Follow the recommendations of your dentist and do not prolong its use for more than three months. It is necessary to change it every so often to keep the bristles in good condition, not to damage the gingival structure and to ensure that it fulfills its function well.

To make your daily brushing an effective routine, use a quality toothpaste that meets your specific oral needs. Also, you must resort to the use of a mouthwash to complete the process. If, in addition, you use dental floss or interdental brushes, you will keep dental plaque at bay.

Your periodontal status depends on all of this. Follow these oral hygiene guidelines and you will get a pristine smile for longer. It is very simple!

2. Follow a balanced diet

Lifestyle and eating habits directly influence our general and oral health, in particular. For this reason, you must maintain a healthy diet if you want to enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth.

How to do it? Consume foods rich in substances of high nutritional value, such as vitamins, quality proteins and minerals. Vitamin C and components such as iron and phosphorus strengthen teeth and help the gingival structure to regenerate naturally.

If you eat well and avoid bad habits, your health will be better and you will prevent possible oral problems. Try to minimize excessive consumption of sugar, as it damages tooth enamel and causes tooth decay.

In addition, you should control the intake of carbonated beverages and substances that cause tooth staining, such as coffee and tea. Apply yourself and eat well, your health will thank you and you will smile fully.

3. Prevent symptoms associated with tooth sensitivity

If you suffer from dental sensitivity , you already know the annoying sensation that sudden changes in temperature cause you. When you drink something very cold or hot, the dental nerves are altered and the teeth suffer.

Try not to expose your teeth to this type of contrast and take substances at a moderate temperature. If episodes of hypersensitivity are repeated, the nerves in the teeth can become inflamed and compromise your oral health.

4. Avoid bad habits

The practice of healthy habits and avoiding the consumption of substances harmful to health, such as tobacco, will help you keep your mouth in good condition. Smoking is one of the most harmful habits for periodontal health. If you smoke, the probability of suffering from gingival and periodontal problems increases considerably.

Maintaining healthy teeth is closely related to lifestyle. Due to this circumstance, exercising also favors good oral health, in addition to your general health. Moderate physical activity prevents oral infections and gingival pathologies, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.

If you encourage good habits and restrict bad ones, your general health will improve and your oral health too. Take care and smile!

5. Avoid stressful situations

Mood influences all aspects of life, including oral health. Nerves and anxiety harm the good condition of the teeth. For this reason, it is important to reduce tension and learn to manage emotional stress.

If you manage to reduce anxiety, you will be able to better control the associated problems that affect your oral health, such as bruxism . When you suffer from a nervous state, it is common to present problems of dental grinding, chewing objects and biting your nails. All of them habits that, although they seem inconsequential, cause mobility and damage to the teeth.

In addition, anxious disorders also generate slow digestion and heartburn. Issues that favor the development of cavities, tooth staining, excess bacteria in the mouth and bad breath.

If you treat or control your mental state and learn to manage your emotions, you will get the most out of your oral care . Smiling will be easier for you.

6. Act quickly at the first symptoms of periodontal disease

If you present any symptoms associated with periodontal diseases, you should go to your dentist diligently and quickly. Do you notice that your gums are inflamed or irritated, do you have gingival bleeding, pain or bad breath? Don’t wait and visit the specialist.

If you act in time, remedying gingivitis , controlling periodontitis or preventing cavities from developing will be easier.

7. Carry out regular dental check-ups with your dentist

To keep your teeth in perfect condition, it is best to prevent problems. How do you do it? Visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Periodic check-ups are the best guarantee to keep your teeth in optimal condition.

At least once a year, we recommend that you schedule a visit with your dental care specialist. In the consultation they will evaluate your condition and do a professional dental cleaning . Oral prevention is the best remedy against periodontal diseases.

If you want to maintain proper oral health and show off an attractive smile, put yourself in the hands of qualified professionals. At Clínica Dental Julián Saiz, we advise you on oral care and help you preserve the best version of your smile for longer. Call us and we will solve your oral problem!


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