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What are the benefits of aesthetic dental treatments?

The smile is a graphic description of our happiness. Even if we are having a bad day, if we smile for a moment it means that during that time everything has been better.

Therefore, we should not be afraid to show our smile . You may feel self-conscious about your mouth in some way, either because your teeth are more yellow than you would like or because of their size and shape. Aesthetic dental treatments   are responsible for correcting all these defects to get your smile more radiant and full of joy.

Do you know its benefits? Read on to discover everything our dentists can do for you.

Correct the color of your teeth

There are certain foods and drinks, such as coffee, that contain substances that can stain our enamel . It is normal that the effects become visible over time and our teeth darken, but it is not aesthetic.

Teeth whitening is a treatment by which you can lighten the enamel of your teeth several shades . At Arrasate Dental Clinic we perform teeth whitening with LED light , a painless technique and one of the fastest that exists to “clean” the enamel and correct the coloration of your teeth.

Improve the shape and size of your teeth

If you have hit a tooth and it has fractured, you can opt for this system to cover the surface and show off a white tooth with a natural appearance. Veneers are widely used in those patients who want to modify the shape of some of their teeth, as they adhere to the outside of the tooth and integrate perfectly with the rest of the natural teeth.

In our clinic we use porcelain veneers , a material that makes treatment more expensive but is much more resistant than others and has better quality . In addition, they are biocompatible, so there is no problem when integrating them into the denture.

Design the smile you’ve always wanted to have

Sometimes when you go to the hairdresser you have a very clear idea of ​​the touch you want to give to your hairstyle; you just have to select a photo that serves as a model and the professionals take care of the rest.

With dental aesthetics we can do the same. Thanks to innovative technology , the dentist is able to personalize the treatment of each patient so that they know what procedures are going to be carried out on their teeth and control how their smile will look even before starting the process.

The DSD (Digital Smile Design ) is a new procedure that allows efficient communication between the patient and the specialist. At Clínica Dental Arrasate we carry out this protocol in order to obtain the best results and build the smile you have always wanted .

Aesthetic dentistry is a multi-benefit field of dentistry and allows patients to regain self-confidence by reconstructing teeth that are not afraid to smile. But remember that it is necessary to combine these treatments with an adequate  adobe hygiene routine to increase their effectiveness and take care of our dental health.


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